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Beginners Guide to Marketing

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Table of Contents

Before beginning, let break a myth about Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing (DM) is more about marketing and less about being digital. But before learning about marketing, one must first study the basics of marketing. Funnel, Marketing, personal branding

Why Should I Read This?

In this blog, mainly, I would be talking about marketing, digital marketing, what a funnel is and personal branding. If you are passionate about learning new things and continually updating your knowledge; this is the right place. Marketing might not be your niche; still, I urge you to read as “knowledge never goes wasted”.

I value your time more than mine because writers are not writers without their readers. I guarantee the content.

What is marketing? 

Coming back to the topic,

The New York Times describes it in the perfect and jargon free way – “the art of telling stories so enthralling that people lose track of their wallets”. I feel Marketing is all about perception. “A product is rooted in reality, and a great product sells for itself”; Colgate, Fevicol, Cadbury, Parachute, Maggi, Xerox are cases where brands have replaced the product with their brand name. For example, we don’t say adhesive we say ” fevicol se chipka de”; similarly, we say ‘Parachute’ instead of hair oil. Plus, instead of chocolate, the word ‘Cadbury’ is used, and how can anyone forget about instant noodles or should I say “Maggi”? Another exciting thing is the use of term Xerox copy and not Photo-copy; however, found in 1906 Xerox is an MNC that sells print and digital document products and services. Striking, isn’t it?

These are also examples of publicity through word of mouth and customers becoming the brand ambassadors. You would be surprised to know that Sales, Advertising and Copywriting fall under Marketing.

So, what is DM all about?

People misunderstand Digital Marketing, from my shoe, it is still marketing, but the medium is digital now. Brands still have to define their Product and What They Do and Why They Do. As a digital marketer, I have more control over my target audience. Psychology is at play to a more significant instant.

Direct Response Marketing is an alternative term for DM. As a marketer, I have access to crucial data, how many individuals have seen my advertisement, how many have shown interest, and its extent. Also, tracking peculiarities is another potential of DM. It is an easy skill to learn but hard to master.

Can you relate it with an example?

Suppose the customer’s age group, localities, qualification, and other peculiarities are available to the marketers; In that case, they can quickly filter the audience. Customer acquisition cost is reduced. The product would be available at a much cheaper rate. It’s a win-win situation for all.

By showing an advertisement of chocolate to people who have just finished their meal; I can subconsciously generate sweet craving and increase my client’s sales (the chocolate company).

1Cr Plan!

I intend to make ₹1Cr by 2025 in revenue. It sounds too ambitious and challenging. But what if I tell you that it is not arduous.

I need to sell ‘x’ no of product for ‘y’ amount of rupees for the target revenue. (Please, don’t worry I am not trying to sell anything to you readers here). In this case,

 providing my service to 20000 customers for ₹500 would earn me the desired amount. But to serve these many individuals, I first need to reach out to my audience. And how do I plan to it? Writing blogs like this or Social Media Marketing or Search Engine Marketing falls under the DM niche.

About Funnel

After the marketing and brand awareness process, we need consumers to spend real money. Marketers use marketing or, purchase, or sales funnel to convert leads. So, the funnel system is a marketing strategy where a business is systematically selecting new incoming le

ads by placing them through targeted systems to have the best potential of converting.

Different individuals would have different approaches towards the funnel design. I would be writing about CATT funnel as at the point of writing. I think it is the best in the market.

In the CATT, I need to identify m

y niche first. Once I know what I am good at, relating to the current context, say I am good at writing Blog. After niche selection, the expanding of the acronym of CATT come into the picture.

The CATT Funnel

C – Content:  By creating useful content relating to my niche, I can get a person to notice my product or services. The content could be of any form of videos, blogs or podcasts.catt funnel

A – Attention: My product and content could be of world-class, but what good could it be to a customer if they don’t know that there is a product to solve their problem. Thus, I have to drive traffic to my content. Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Adds, Referrals or Social Media are to be used here.

T – Trust: The most expensive thing is what? Trust is the most costly. Apple charges a premium for its products because customers trust the creations of the company. Customers trust that the price which they are paying have equal or more value-added to their life. I can write an entire blog relating to apple and product and value it generate for its consumers, but its a topic for another time. My motive behind writing this blog was to make you trust me. If you are reading till here, then I am sure that you have liked the content and trust me with your time and trust that I know the respective field which I am writing about.

T – Transaction: We have reached the funnel’s final stage, where the lead is converted into a real customer with sales method. Furthermore, the sale process is different for different individuals. The sale part again deserves entire writing for itself.

Just a reminder; if you are still reading, you are an incredible person

What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

integrated digital marketing

Let’s talk about Integrated Digital Marketing(IDM); IDM represents all the bits and pieces of DM when put together is IDM.

It is about how all things are interrelated. This image explains how content marketing, paid marketing S  EO, social media marketing, email marketing, and sell are connected. In other words, I could say that the integrated digital marketing framework is like an engine that drives the CATT funnel. This concept deserves dedicated writing which I might cover in my future blogs.

Personal Branding

Toward the end of the article, I would like to touch upon the notion of personal branding. Why is personal branding important? One aspect of it is to build trust. Elon Musk and Tesla and SpaceX. Which out of all three terms are you most familiar?

I bet that most of you would have heard Elon Musk’s name and receded familiarity with the latter two.

This is because the brand value of the individual is more significant than the company he runs. Similarly, this blog helps me create a personal brand for myself in marketing as I talked earlier. I don’t want to elaborate much about this concept in this blog as I fell blog has become a lot lengthier than I expected. Nonetheless, I will share a link about Mass Trust Blueprint in which Deepak Kanakaraju a.k.a digital Deepak has explained the concept easily.


To conclude the article I would like to Thank You for sticking out till the end. You have taken the right step towards your personal growth, and I wish I would have contributed a little or more towards your knowledge.

“Marketing is all about approaching the right customer, at the right place and at the right time.”

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