About Me

A person who loves to Learn Create Hustle Eat and Sleep! 24 hours a day

A little about me!

Hi, Azim Dinani here, I am a sophomore at National Institute of Technology Trichy.
I am currently doing a Major in Chemical Engineering with a Minor in Management

I am a Gen-Z with an IQ of 132 and EQ of 113, 16 personalities asssed me as Protagonist personality type(ENFJ-T).

I can communicate fluently in three languages- Gujrati, Hindi and English and a little Spanish. Pandemic is the best thing that happened to me. Fortunately, I never contracted the virus, but I share my sympathies to all those who have gone through a loss of any kind.

My hobbies

Cooking is a hobby alongside Reading. The cuisines I can cook are mainly Indian, but the topics of my reading are of diversity; from Spirituality and Mythology to Business and Entrepreneurship I like to read about everything.

I think that Life is about taking chances, trying    new things, having fun, making mistakes and learning from it. I try something new and discover a better me every day.



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Fruitful trees bend down; Likewise, the truly great are humble